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Benefits of Music & Nature

As a Certified Therapeutic Musician, I have been trained to provide music in a style that has been scientifically proven to heal and comfort. This style uses tonal frequencies, rhythms, patterns, and other musical elements to create the utmost peaceful atmosphere, catered specifically to each listener according to his or her circumstance.

When I'm on the trails, I observe the people, wildlife, plant life, and immerse myself in the surrounding energy to ensure that I play the most beneficial and ecologically friendly music.

Scientific evidence has shown the immense benefits of both harp music and nature as therapy:

✔Instilling feelings of well-being and relaxation

✔Aiding in sleep

✔Relieving stress

✔Enhancing the five senses

✔Increasing feelings of connection to others

✔Reducing blood pressure and heart rate

✔Helping the muscles to relax

Dozens of passersby have embraced these benefits, taking a rest from their hiking journey to replenish their mind and body in the vibrations of the harp music. Here are some of the most common remarks from listeners:

✔The highlight of their day

✔An added bonus to their experience

✔So peaceful and relaxing

✔Like angels on the trails

✔Simply beautiful

✔A once-in-a-lifetime experience; grateful to be in the right place at the right time


"The earth has its music for those who will listen."

-George Santayana

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