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Wildlife at Everglades National Park

I've been really excited to jump back into hikes this year. I feel like 2019 was my time to get my feet wet. I was still figuring out the logistics of carrying my harp on hikes, deciding what footage I wanted to get, and then choosing how to present that footage to the world. In January, Anthony and I kicked off 2020 with a trip down to Everglades National Park in Florida, and I hit the ground running, err...hiking. Well, actually, biking! Our first stop was the Shark Valley Visitor Center, where we decided to rent a couple of bikes to ride the Shark Valley Loop, a 15-mile paved trail that's known for 2 things: gators galore, and a really tall observation tower overlooking the grasslands. This was my first time biking with a harp on my back, but surprisingly, it felt a lot less awkward than I thought it might, much thanks to my new Harpsicle case that doesn't extend below my butt. It's the little things, really.

I couldn't wait to view the wildlife, but I knew I had to share the experience in some way. The whole flight down to Florida, I debated what videos I should take, because this trip is unique - even parts that don't include the harp! Ultimately, though, I decided to wing it. If circumstances called for me to officially kick off my Hiking Harpist vlog, then gosh darn it, I was going to smile for the camera and vlog away!

Spoiler alert: the circumstances called for me to kick off my vlog. So here it is! A little taste of our adventures on Shark Valley Loop. Spoiler alert 2: I absolutely LOVED shooting this style of video, so you'll definitely be seeing more like this!

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